Chester County Hospital Specialist Helps Moms Prioritize Mental Health

“Finding a place to begin” is how maternal mental health specialist Lissette “Mitzy” Liriano, MS, BSN, RN, helps encourage conversation and participation in Chester County Hospital’s support group for new moms. But it’s also a good way to describe Liriano and her work, which makes a space for expectant and current parents to take steps toward better mental health and well-being.

Many of the patients she works with at CCH’s OB/Gyn clinic are Hispanic and speak Spanish; the low-cost clinic serves patients who are un- or under-insured. As such, Liriano says that in addition to the stressors many parents face — both pre- and postpartum mood disorders, financial difficulties, and even just finding “me time” — her clients also struggle with unique challenges: immigration-related issues, for example, past trauma, and even growing up in a culture that doesn’t always emphasize taking care of mental health needs.

“Our goal is to help those who can’t help themselves,” Liriano said in an interview with 6abc, where she was profiled as a “Hometown Hero” for her work.

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